Autoglass Clinic continues steep growth as part of international Cary Group

Hasselt, 25 May 2023 - Belgian automotive glass repairer and replacement company Autoglass Clinic becomes part of Cary Group, one of the most important European companies in this field. Autoglass Clinic is the second largest player on the Belgian market. The acquisition by Cary Group allows the company to continue its strong growth of recent years and to further strengthen its competitive position. In addition to the acquisiton of Autoglass Clinic, Cary Group also acquires Touring Glass, number three in the Belgian market. The companies that will be integrated will operate under the brand name Autoglass Clinic.

Autoglass Clinic has a network of 27 Service Centers: 24 independent automotive glass specialists and three owned branches. Charline Leroi's company grew into the second largest automotive glass repairer and replacement company in Belgium. Together with CEO Joeri Lieten, they succeeded in doubling the turnover over the past three years. In the first quarter of 2023, Autoglass Clinic recorded a growth of 50 percent compared to the same quarter the year before.

Anders Jensen (CEO Cary Group) and Charline Leroi (managing director Autoglass Clinic)
Anders Jensen (CEO Cary Group) and Charline Leroi (managing director Autoglass Clinic)

Autoglass Clinic can now count on extra finances and the extensive digitization know-how of Cary Group to realize the next acceleration in growth. Cary Group is one of the European market leaders in vehicle glass. In addition to its home country Sweden, the company is also active in Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Denmark and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. With the acquisition of Autoglass Clinic, Belgium becomes the tenth country in their international network. Last year, Cary Group realized a turnover of 400 million euros in the vehicle glass market.

Boost competitiveness and brand awareness

The acquisition includes Autoglass Clinic's three proprietary Service Centers in Hasselt, Zaventem and Geel. The centralized services in the Hasselt headquarters (sales, marketing, invoicing, contact center, customer support) are also part of the deal with Cary Group.

Charline Leroi, managing director Autoglass Clinic: “It is very important to us that Autoglass Clinic and Cary Group share the same DNA. Entrepreneurship, passion for the profession and local presence are crucial to us, as is sustainability. For example, we will always try to repair a windshield first, and only replace it when repairing is impossible. We always present the customer the most sustainable option.”
Joeri Lieten, CEO of Autoglass Clinic: “Thanks to the financial strength and international expertise of Cary Group, we can boost our competitive position and our brand awareness in the Belgian market. We have grown strongly these recent years, and we can now shift a few gears higher. For this, we are looking for both automotive glass fitters as well as extra people for our central services in the short term.”

Local anchoring

Autoglass Clinic's existing corporate structure will be retained and the current management will continue its course. Managing director Charline Leroi and CEO Joeri Lieten will also be responsible for day-to-day management in the future and believe in the way ahead by securing local anchoring as minority shareholders.

“Cary Group has a highly decentralized structure,” explains Leroi. “The philosophy is that each company within the group can retain its autonomy and its own way of working. It is precisely that local entrepreneurship and craftsmanship that are the engines of our local as well the international growth trajectory ahead."

A strong second player in the European market

Joeri Lieten (CEO) and Charline Leroi (managing director)
of Autoglass Clinic together with Anders Jensen (CEO) of Cary Group
Joeri Lieten (CEO) and Charline Leroi (managing director)
of Autoglass Clinic together with Anders Jensen (CEO) of Cary Group
"The acquisition of the two companies is in line with our ambition to create a strong second player in the European market. In this way we ensure that the specialized technicians and the complementary network are used optimally to further dynamise the market and continue to offer our customers the best services. We are pleased with these steps to strengthen our market position in Belgium and fully believe that with the combination of both passionate teams under the banner of Autoglass Clinic we will gain the trust of the Belgian consumer even faster,” said Anders Jensen, CEO of Care Group.

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