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Antwerp, 14 September 2020 – Content Cats, the strategic PR & content creation agency, today embarks on a new chapter in its journey, consolidating strong growth in recent years with a new look and a new name: manley. 

PR is more relevant today than ever. Brands and organisations have to think long and hard about what and how they communicate. Because nowadays, every word and every action has immediate consequences. As a boutique agency for strategic PR and content creation, manley creates and distributes the content that helps companies grow, via smart communication strategies that get results. Its clients are typically high-impact innovators on the national and international stage, representing all major sectors including energy, healthcare, biotech, proptech, mobility, logistics, food and more.

“Our new name captures our DNA and the quality, strength and efficacy of our approach to perfection. With a nod to the world’s most legendary audio compressors of the same name. Because compression is a silent but indispensable force. One that lies at the crossroads of technology and creativity, adding definition and balance to your voice. Just like the ideal PR partner,” tells Saar Dietvorst, founder of manley.

Saar Dietvorst, founder manley
Saar Dietvorst, founder manley

Openness, transparency and inclusivity
manley chooses resolutely in favour of a sustainable approach that focuses on people, forward-thinking ideas and their concrete implementation. One that translates complex innovations into relevant, compelling and human stories and helps companies tell those stories to the world. All with a view to maximising growth, reinforcing authority and enhancing employer preference. And via a wide range of services from communications strategy, media insights and media relations to influencer and social media management. 

A personal, boutique approach
The agency was founded six years ago by communications strategist, Saar Dietvorst and is based on Antwerp’s “Eilandje” (Island). The boutique today consists of 10 employees in Antwerp (Belgium), Paris (France), Luxembourg and Turin (Italy) along with structural partners in London (UK) and San Francisco (USA).

“An agency’s success has little to do with its size and everything to do with its strategic approach, creativity and dedication to achieving tangible results. Our boutique approach paves the way for our highly personalised service, far removed from bureaucracy and overhead. Hence our focus on creating long-term client relations; because it is essential to ​ the success of our clients’ public relations,” says Saar Dietvorst.

Montevideostraat 10
2000 Antwerp
+32 3 830 10 37

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Saar Dietvorst, founder manley

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Saar Dietvorst, founder manley
Saar Dietvorst, founder manley


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About manley

manley is a boutique agency for strategic PR and content creation with a diverse client portfolio  comprising international impact-driven innovators in sectors such as energy, health, biotech, proptech, legal, mobility, logistics and food. manley's approach combines the low overheads of a boutique agency with the clout of a global media network, delivering tailor-made services via local PR experts in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States. manley was founded by Saar Dietvorst in 2014 and is headquartered in Antwerp (Belgium).


Montevideostraat 10 2000 Antwerp

+32 3 830 10 37