New investors accelerate DESelect’s release on the US market

DESelect provides segmentation solutions for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC)

Antwerp (Belgium), July 6, 2021 – DESelect, a Belgian start-up that delivers segmentation services for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC), has known unprecedented growth in the past year. And now, the founders of such successful companies as Collibra, Showpad and 4C/Wipro have declared their intention to invest in the next phase of DESelect’s development. To help prepare for this new step, Pascal Borremans (4C/Wipro) and Hendrik Isebaert (Showpad) have joined the company’s brand-new advisory board. 

Launched in 2019, the DESelect platform helps companies set up effective marketing campaigns by enabling the fast, efficient, and intuitive segmentation of even highly complex databases in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC). The new investors will place their network at DESelect’s disposal while helping to steer the scale-up’s international expansion. The company aims to use its newly acquired capital to switch gears even faster and as a result, expects to quadruple its growth in the coming year. 

What’s the fastest and most efficient way to reach the right target group? It’s a question with which every marketer has to wrestle at some point. Which is why Anthony Lamot and Jonathan Van Driessen founded DESelect, the IT platform that provides users of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) with a simple way to segment even the most complex customer databases. 

“Marketers nowadays often call on IT experts to set up specific filters or carry out customized searches on extremely complex databases. That’s why we developed DESelect specifically for users who don’t have a technical background. The tool lets them define the right target group for their campaign or communication in a matter of minutes,” says co-founder Anthony Lamot. “The tool also delivers considerable added value to more technically-minded marketers. Thanks to our new platform, these marketers are now able to segment their data in less than half the time and therefore launch their campaigns up to 20% faster.” 
Anthony Lamot, co-founder DESelect
Anthony Lamot, co-founder DESelect

DESelect has been an official Salesforce partner since the beginning of 2020 and is therefore available via the Salesforce AppExchange. The DESelect platform is already used by such prestigious clients as Emerald, Volvo Cars, HelloFresh, T-Mobile and Vlerick Business School. 

Gregory Nappi, Director Data Management & Analytics at Emerald (US) says:

"DESelect has increased efficiency by 50%. It’s a lot easier to do something ad-hoc now; you can go into the tool and crank something out real fast. Further, we very much enjoy working with DESelect because their support team is the most helpful and responsible."
Gregory Nappi, Director Data Management & Analytics at Emerald
Gregory Nappi, Director Data Management & Analytics at Emerald

Rapid international expansion

DESelect’s capital increase is aimed at accelerating the company’s international expansion which is expected to quadruple the company’s turnover this year. DESelect is already active in international markets. It is currently experiencing strong growth in Europe but also a rapid increase in interest from the US and Asia. DESelect also has its sights set on a series-A capital round in Q3 2021 and as of next year plans to open an office in the US, which could in time account for half the company’s global market.

Louis Jonckheere, investor and founder of Showpad: “Over a very short time span, DESelect has succeeded in developing a product that addresses a real need amongst many marketers. I have full confidence in both founders and believe the company has a great future to look forward to.”
Louis Jonckheere, founder Showpad and investor
Louis Jonckheere, founder Showpad and investor

Within the category of marketing & commerce, the worldwide market for Software-as-a-Service applications is expected to grow from $24 to $41 billion over the next 4 years. Salesforce’s own portfolio within the same market has also grown significantly in recent years.

“The enormous growth in the underlying Salesforce Marketing Cloud ecosystem, linked to the fact that DESelect targets complex and mature marketing automation clients, makes me very optimistic about the future prospects for the company,” says investor Pascal Borremans (4C/Wipro).
Pascal Borremans, EU Salesforce Practice Lead at Wipro Limited
Pascal Borremans, EU Salesforce Practice Lead at Wipro Limited

Personalized communication
Anthony Lamot: “The digitalization of buyer behavior and a genuine explosion in new marketing technologies mean marketers these days face new challenges of an increasingly technical nature. Our solutions offer a real solution to those challenges, providing companies with the possibility to segment their customers more efficiently and therefore target and personalize their communication more effectively.”

Jonathan van Driessen & Anthony Lamot, founders DESelect
Jonathan van Driessen & Anthony Lamot, founders DESelect

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