Restaurant Gauthier (London) wins Discovery Award of the year

We’re Smart World Awards Presentation, Gastronomic Forum in Barcelona

  • Restaurant De Nieuwe Winkel (Nijmegen, the Netherlands) from chef Emile van der Staak crowned best vegetable restaurant in the world 
  • Gauthier (London) from chef Alexis Gauthier wins Discovery Award of the year in the UK
  • L’Enclume (Cartmel) from chef Simon Rogan is the 31th best vegetable restaurant in the world.
  • 6 United Kingdom restaurants in Top 100 Best Vegetable Restaurants in the World 
  • Launch of We’re Smart Green Guide 2022, with more than 1000 top vegetable restaurants globally

BARCELONA, November 8, 2022 - We’re Smart® World, the indisputable reference in the culinary world of vegetables, reveals the best vegetable restaurants in the world on November 8 during food fair Gastronomic Forum in Barcelona. De Nieuwe Winkel (The New Store) out of Nijmegen, the Netherlands, and headed by chef Emile van der Staak is the new No. 1 and wins the We're Smart Award "Best Vegetables Restaurant of the World.”The restaurant L’Enclume from chef Simon Rogan in London, lands in 31th place. Restaurant Gauthier by chef Alexis Gauthier scoops this year’s We’re Smart Discovery Award - United Kingdom. The new We’re Smart Green Guide, the definitive resource to the best vegetable restaurants around the world, was also launched. 

We're Smart World visited hundreds of restaurants across the globe last year. The rigorous selection is based on the Think Vegetables! Think Fruit! philosophy, incorporating sustainability, and reducing one’s carbon footprint. The best restaurants are awarded 1 to 5 radishes and receive a spot in the We’re Smart Green Guide, the new edition of which will be announced today in Barcelona.

Restaurant De Nieuwe Winkel (The New Store) from chef Emile van der Staak was named the Best Vegetables Restaurant in the World 2022. 

Chef Emile van der Staak: "Today's choices determine what tomorrow's world will look like. Many of these choices revolve around food. That's why we believe in botanical gastronomy: turning ordinary plants into finger-licking dishes. We need to look no further than the plate to help save the planet. Eating less meat and dairy is the most effective way to regenerate our ecosystems and prevent their destruction."

We’re Smart World Discovery Awards 

Restaurant Gauthier by chef Alexis Gauthier scoops this year’s We’re Smart Discovery Award - United Kingdom. Each year, this award recognizes the efforts of newly discovered talent in different countries in the fruit and vegetable field. 

Frank Fol, founder of We’re Smart World: "We are noticing increased global interest in plant-based cooking. A growing number of chefs are discovering the culinary potential and ecological benefits of fruits and vegetables and featuring them on the menu with impressive mastery. Through the We're Smart World ecosystem, we bring businesses and consumers together around health, ecology and sustainability, in addition to restaurants. We hope this will also inspire other potential partners, too."

On October 17, 2022, We’re Smart World also announced the Future Awards for innovative food companies launching sustainable and healthy products.

The We’re Smart Top Ten of the Best Vegetables Restaurants in the World, awarded with five radishes.

  1. De Nieuwe Winkel (Nijmegen, the Netherlands), Chef Emile van der Staak 
  2. El Invernadero (Madrid, Spain), Chef Rodrigo de la Calle 
  3. Piazza Duomo (Alba, Italy ), Chef Enrico Crippa
  4. Vrijmoed (Ghent, Belgium), Chef Michaël Vrijmoed
  5. L’Oustau de Baumanière (Les-Baux-De Provence, France), Chef Glenn Viel
  6. Flore (Amsterdam, the Netherlands), Chef Bas van Kranen 
  7. L’Arpège (Paris, France), Chef Alain Passard
  8. Ricard Camarena Restaurant (Valencia, Spain), Chef Ricard Camarena 
  9. Eleven Madison Park (New York City, United States), Chef Daniël Humm 
  10. Humus x Hortense (Brussels, Belgium), Chef Nicolas Decloedt 

The We're Smart Top Ten Best Vegetable Restaurants in the United Kingdom who have received the top score of five radishes:

  1. L’Enclume (Cartmel)
  2. Gauthier (London)
  3. Lyle's (London)
  4. The Riverford Field Kitchen (Buckfastleigh)
  5. Plates (London)
  6. The Dining Room (Sussex)
  7. Nopi (London)
  8. Silo (London)
  9. Farmacy (London)
  10. Simpsons (Birmingham)


About We’re Smart® World
We’re Smart® World is the undisputed reference in the culinary world of fruits and vegetables. The brainchild of Frank Fol, The Vegetable Chef®, individuals, restaurants and organizations are recognized and promoted for putting fruits and vegetables front and center of nutrition. The annual culinary-gourmet guide We're Smart® Green Guide features the world's best vegetable restaurants, ranked from one to five Radishes. Each year, the We're Smart® Awards rewards the best vegetable restaurants and organizations. In the We're Smart® Academy, the world's best vegetable chefs share their knowledge with those interested in healthy and ecological food. We're Smart® World is doing its part for a healthy, sustainable and ecologically-sound world. Selected as one of the official SDG-Voices, We're Smart® World is one of the official ambassadors for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

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