Sustainable and healthy food companies are building the world of tomorrow: seven winners receive prizes during We’re Smart@Future Awards

We're Smart Future Awards gives visibility to innovative food companies that produce healthy and sustainable products

Brussels (Belgium), 17 October 2022 – The seven winners of the We're Smart Future Awards 2022, which highlights culinary, nutritious, planet-friendly and tasty innovations, have been announced. The Future Awards recognize food companies and/or individuals launching exceptional products, services or projects for a more ecological and sustainable lifestyle. 

We're Smart World, the undisputed reference in the culinary world of vegetables, created by The Vegetable Chef® Frank Fol, is designed to encourage the use and consumption of fruits and vegetables among consumers, restaurants, and businesses.

Frank Fol: "With the We're Smart Future Awards, we want to generate more visibility for the people and organizations behind healthy and sustainable initiatives. Over the past year, we once again sought the most inspiring innovations that offer solutions to societal challenges—like food waste, pollution and energy. They are the most impressive initiatives that truly make a difference and that’s why we are rewarding them today."

The winners of We’re Smart Future Awards 2022:


 Rochelle Schaetzl – Head of Marketing Griffith Foods (South Africa/Germany)

Rochelle Schaetzl receives the award for Person of the Year 2022 for the Better Ways Forward project in which she is working on plant-based proteins of the future.


 Yumgo reinventing eggs (France)

The Innovation of the Year 2022 goes to Yumgo, a plant-based, allergen-free alternative to eggs, wholly based on natural ingredients. Yumgo is available as egg yolks, egg whites, or a mix of both. An ideal solution for vegan kitchens and vegan pastry chefs without sacrificing quality. 


Bontasana – La Pasta Unica (Italy)

The Project of the Year 2022 goes to Bontasana. Bontasana makes pasta from white corn, a historic grain. The corn is organic, vegan, gluten and GMO-free, with lots of flavor. This pasta is better for the farmers, for the planet and for pasta lovers.


Sandro Desii - Vegan ice cream A.O.V.E. based on olive oil (Spain)

The Product of the Year 2022 goes to the vegan ice cream from Sandro Desii crafted on the basis of olive oil. A nice vegan alternative to classic ice cream. The amazing number of delicious flavor combinations is also noteworthy.


Ryouri Oukoku Magazine-Cuisine Kingdom (Japan) 

The award for Media of the Year 2022 goes to the glamorous culinary reports of Japanese magazine Ryouri Oukoku Magazine and their online website Cuisine Kingdom. With the right words and images, the team at Ryouri Oukoku knows exactly how to portray the power and dynamic of healthy, gourmet food, while exciting both professional and amateur food lovers.


Ekomenu - Discover your foodprint (Benelux)

Ekomenu  is a Dutch-Belgian organic meal box in which vegetables are front and center. Ekomenu was named the healthiest meal box by the University of Ghent with the highest amount of plant-based ingredients per meal. Now you find - the first worldwide- also the impact on health and environment on their recipes and their cash receipt. In addition to the highest percentage of plant-based ingredients per meal available, the benefit is felt not only thanks to the price, but also in terms of health and environment by using a digital-only receipt. A world first!

SPECIAL FUTURE AWARD OF THE YEAR 2022 – More sustainable Farm-to-House experience (Spain)

The 2022 Special Future Award goes to Thanks to a smart, user-friendly mobile app, farmers and growers in the Barcelona region can connect with consumers and professional chefs to directly sell their wares.

Note to Editors:

The We’re Smart World Awards and the future awards will be officially awarded on 8 November 2022 in Barcelona, in the presence of the best vegetable chefs in the world and assembled press. Want to be part of it? Confirm your attendance at

For more information follow We’re Smart World on Instagram or Facebook, where the Top 100 Best Vegetable Restaurants In The World will gradually be announced. 

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